Make real progress to Net Zero and drive down energy costs

Opti-Twin delivers real-world data that's really easy for everyone to understand and action.

Does your building management system give you anything other than reports?

Does it help reduce your energy use and carbon footprint?

If you’re responsible for non-domestic property’s energy use, do you want to get the most from your consumption data?

The ground-breaking Opti-Twin platform allows you to do this by analysing that information against advanced modelling, showing each building’s ideal energy use. It then translates these scientific comparisons into actionable insights.

Opti-Twin, allows users to take steps leading to future consumption being optimised, forecast, and controlled much more accurately than before.

But before we get to the detail, let’s start at the beginning.

Most non-domestic properties currently monitor energy usage through a traditional building energy management and/or building management system. Some others now use a cloud-based platform.

Traditional BEMS.png

A Building energy Management System (BeMS), traditionally monitors and controls energy-related facilities, conventionally:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning
Traditional BMS

A Building Management System (BMS), does the same for devices such as:

  • Fire and smoke alarms
  • Closed circuit TV
  • Motion sensors

Many users assume a BeMS or BMS truly manages their energy use. It doesn’t. Why?  



Because the information such a system reports has no reference to a model showing how each building should be performing.

Managing those results with precision is really what modern, intuitive management is all about. This is especially true of the energy to be consumed at a time of soaring utility costs and the drive towards net zero carbon emissions. Relying on a BeMS or BMS alone for your energy management is therefore like trying to drive a car while looking only in the rear-view mirror, without having planned your route. And depending on an existing cloud-based energy management platform doesn’t cut it either, because this too has profound limitations. There has to be a better way.

Modern technology has permitted a breakthrough which is the perfect complement to any BeMS or BMS. It’s also the ideal replacement for an existing cloud-based energy management platform. That better way is called Opti-Twin.

We’re confident a typical user could cut their energy bills and carbon emissions by 25 per cent, plus see a return on their investment, within 12 months of adopting this solution. And they can secure those reductions year after year.

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Opti-Twin platform

Opti-Twin’s vital advantages

Opti-Twin provides user organisations with a wide range of crucial benefits, including:

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  • Optimised energy performance at each building
  • Reduced and predictable bills, including by forecasting operating expenditure
  • Lowered carbon emissions
  • Improved public image, through demonstrating corporate social responsibility and robust environmental, social and governance policies
  • Easier staff buy-in for behaviour change, as the need for this is better demonstrated and understood
  • Previously hidden and costly inefficiencies being uncovered
  • Poorly performing areas for improvement being identified and targeted
  • Faults being detected, thus assisting maintenance and maximising asset life
  • Best practice being spread from high-performing areas across an organisation
  • “What if” scenarios about future energy demand being explored
  • Effective business cases for projected energy use or retrofitting projects being developed
  • Whether expected benefits have been realised being investigated
  • More realistic strategies, KPIs and targets being devised