Opti-Twin effectively raises the game of an existing BeMS or BMS to the standard successful modern organisations need.

It also provides the perfect contemporary replacement for an existing cloud-based energy management platform.

Based on up-to-the-minute digital twin technology and two years in development by experts, Opti-Twin can receive limitless performance data from numerous sources.

These include:

  • Itself
  • Any BeMS or BMS
  • Building sensors
  • Meters
  • Utility portals
  • Air quality sensors
  • Waste monitoring
  • Internet of Things
  • Historic files

You name it. If it measures or has a sensor, Opti-Twin can report its data in real-time, trend this and provide forecasts based on it.

Opti-Twin’s process includes analysing all this source information powerfully, intelligently, and comparing its findings to detailed, sophisticated models, depicting each building’s optimum energy performance.

Opti-Twin on any device

The importance of a bespoke, consultative approach in Opti-Twin, explains why we don’t make the solution available directly. You can only obtain it through the highly skilled and qualified building physics engineers who do this modelling. That way, we ensure users extract the maximum value from their investments with us. Opti-Twin automatically translates the outcomes of those performance versus modelling analyses into practical, understandable, and achievable steps. Users can then take these to achieve each building’s ideal consumption pattern.

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