Multiple sites? Multiple BeMS?

Opti-Twin brings it all together.

Opti twin Customer mindmap

Who’s Opti-Twin for?

You… if you manage or are responsible for non-domestic property’s energy usage and cost.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re accountable for one building or a large estate, spread across the country or around the world. The platform also delivers huge benefits, whether a site is newly built or decades old, has been recently acquired or occupied for years, and whatever its size or purpose, for example.

Office Building

Opti-Twin is therefore of interest to professionals with a wide range of job titles, including facilities, sustainability, asset, ESG, CSR, and portfolio managers, plus investors. And it’s a big step forward, even if your sites each has a different BeMS or BMS, because Opti-Twin can work with all of them, unifying your property portfolio.

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