Driving behavioural change with Opti-Twin

What’s wrong with your BeMS, BMS or existing cloud-based platform?

Probably nothing. But, despite its cost, is it really helping you in any way? Does it provide a platform to help change behaviours? Does it assist in reducing energy consumption and thus your carbon footprint?

Confused bms

A BeMS or BMS usually monitors the present and allows you to report on the past…provided you have the time and energy to supply the substantial manual input often needed. And that’s about it. Fine if you want to live in the moment or study history. Not so much if you understand a manager’s most valuable asset is the ability to control the future.

Such a system provides:

  • No forecasting
  • No comparisons with how each building should be performing
  • No platform to help you change behavior

And even these restricted applications come with potential pitfalls...

A building’s functionality or layout can change over time, for example, but the BeMS or BMS often doesn’t.

And an existing cloud-based energy management platform will have its limitations too. Unlike Opti-Twin, it won’t, for instance:

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  • Compare real-time results against modeled performance
  • Work with any system that provides data via monitoring sensors
  • Have dashboards that can be customised to reflect a user’s requirements and brand
  • Provide prompts and suggestions to aid behaviour change
  • Operate proactively
  • Inform operating expenditure decisions