Opti-Twin works with literally any BeMS, BMS, building sensor system, or combination of these. It also offers a more sophisticated, standalone alternative to an existing cloud-based energy management platform.

The easy-to-install Opti-Twin is also cloud-based, so there’s no software or bulky hardware involved. It comes Internet of Things-enabled, is available on users’ computers or phones as an app and can be accessed across an organisation.

Opti-Twin on any device

Opti-Twin is straightforward to operate, requiring little or no training, potentially works in any language or currency and provides real time monitoring. Its refinements include generating automatic alarms and email notifications for data outside set tolerance levels.

The solution is highly scalable, operating with datapoints across any number of sites, and is hugely customisable. This includes over the details in its user-friendly dashboards and displays, which can be corporately branded.

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Features such as users, functionality, datapoints and dashboards can be added easily to infinite levels, while manual input is straightforward but not essential. You also get regular software updates, delivered automatically as the technology develops.


Provided buildings supply the necessary outputs, Opti-Twin can also produce reports covering aspects such as:

  • Consumption
  • Air quality
  • Building occupancy patterns
  • Billing
  • Maximum demand
  • Power factor
  • Load profile
  • The calendar
  • Normalisation

Opti-Twin doesn’t just cover gas and electricity. Its capabilities extend to monitoring features such air quality and carbon dioxide levels, solar and wind generation. It can also compare the performance of a photovoltaic array on a building’s roof to predicted levels. The solution even helps manage waste and recycling, provided a user organisation tracks and records these.

In addition, Opti-Twin can create virtual meters and monitor or analyse energy consumption down to the level of individual rooms and areas. All this comes for an initial set up fee, followed by an affordable monthly subscription.

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